About Me

My Story

I grew up in a family of 7 children (6 girls and 1 boy), me being the 3rd from the youngest. Mom was a really good cook and made all of our meals from scratch; nothing fancy, just basic, good tasting food (Occasionally Dad would cook dinner. I'm sure that those meals were good for us, but liver and onions, and tripe were not kid-friendly foods in my opinion. Needless to say, we didn't like it when Dad cooked). So, I had a good, basic start in life as far as eating non-processed foods even though I didn't realize it or appreciate it at the time. 

My fascination of, and love for, Nutrition began around the time that I graduated from high school, which was in 1978. I came across a book titled "Know Your Nutrition" by Linda Clark, and I was absolutely fascinated with the idea that it was nutritional deficiencies that were the cause of all chronic ailments. That idea has determined my philosophy regarding health ever since. I decided to pursue Nutrition in college, but my poor performance in my Chemistry class, and knowing that there were many more Chemistry classes in my college future to come, caused me to give up that pursuit. It didn't cause me to lose my fascination for Nutrition though, and I continued to read books and articles throughout the years. 

Despite this knowledge about nutrition, my diet didn't really reflect it, and even though I ate whole grains and butter instead of white bread and margarine, there were still many areas of my diet, and the diet that I fed my family, that were not good choices compared to my standards today. When I was 20 I donated one of my kidneys to a younger sister, and had no idea the impact on my health this would cause in the years after. Only recently have I discovered that it was the cause of my lack of energy for years to come due to the effect the surgery to remove my left kidney would have on my adrenal glands. I do not regret in any way my decision to give my sister a kidney, I just wish I had known that it was my adrenal glands that were causing my fatigue and that I wasn't just lazy. 

Fast forward to 2015, an incident occurred with my son where he suddenly developed sleep disorders, depression, and psychosis, and we didn't know why. My daughter at the same time was struggling with depression and extreme fatigue. I was trying to help both of them, convinced that the cause was rooted in their diet. Searching for answers I came across information about Adrenal Fatigue and realized that my children's symptoms fit the symptoms (of which there are many) of this chronic health problem.  Finding a way to bring them back to health was frustrating because of contradictory information I was finding on the internet. At the same time I was at a point in my life where I wanted to make a change in my vocation. I was tired of working the hours I was working and knew that I would have to keep doing the same job into my 70's, but I didn't know what else I could do. One of my sisters suggested that I go back to school and study Nutrition. I latched onto that idea and began searching for a college program. In my searching I came across the Nutritional Therapy Association; I was so excited because I found a school that fit my philosophy of what I believed Nutrition should be about: Eating Real Food!!  At the age of 56, I enrolled in and began a daunting and challenging course of study that taught me some amazing truths; taught me what I needed to know to address my children's health, my own newly discovered Adrenal issues, and how to help others with their chronic health issues. Through the lessons that I learned I have changed the way I eat, removed stressors from my life, and gained the energy I had been searching for for the last 35 years! My son and daughter have both listened to what I had to tell them about taking care of their own health and they have made changes that have brought remarkable improvements in how they felt. They overcame the depression that they were experiencing, they sleep better, and have more energy than ever before. 

I love to spend my time cooking, reading recipe and nutrition books, walking, gardening, and planning my next travel adventure. One of my favorite things to do is to prepare and enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends.  I treasure the wonderful times I have had sitting around a dining table, eating, talking, and laughing. Makes life worth living to me.